Our Green Policy


  • To increase quality of living through the promotion of front porches, quality landscaping, architecture and building materials, enforcing high building standards.
  • That all construction within the development results in lasting benefits for mankind and minimizes the impact on the environment.
  • To reduce long-term city maintenance expenditures, thus reducing taxpayer burden by promoting efficiencies in design through the use of less water pipe, less sewer pipe, and less distance traveled to pick up trash and deliver mail.  The amount of roads, other infrastructure, copper, plastic and concrete pipe and water usage would also be greatly reduced.
  • To reduce the need for vehicle transportation thus reducing the cost and maintenance burden of the vehicle upon the resident households.

Environmental Statement

The Village at Magnolia Square is designed to promote efficiency in living.  By building a walkable development and promoting carbon neutral and environmentally friendly living, we endeavor to make automobile the second choice to walking and biking.  Daily needs such as food, shopping, work and recreation can be found within easy walking distance from the majority of the homes in this neighborhood.