About The Village at Magnolia Square

We believe that a neighborhood should have parks for children to play, cafés for people to enjoy, houses that are aesthetically pleasing, and an environment that is as inviting as the one from your vacations.

We believe that a development should accommodate people, not the car. We believe that a family should be able to live in one neighborhood throughout their lives with their family and friends.

A traditional neighborhood, as opposed to a conventional neighborhood, is one where shops, offices, and recreation are within a five to ten minute walk from most homes; where parks and amenities of all sizes are spread throughout the development; and where new homes range in price and size, but not in quality.

Mission Statement, Values & Principles

Mission Statement

The Village at Magnolia Square is a traditional neighborhood development designed to improve the quality of living of its inhabitants by allowing people to live, work, shop and recreate within the development.

Values & Principles

The development is specifically designed to promote daily interaction and easy efficient living by locating shopping, restaurants, offices, and entertainment and within a ten minute walk of most homes. The use of larger sidewalks and several parks adds to the enjoyment of the development.